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September 3, 2018


Wine Tastings

September 5 2018

Remember, with the purchase of wine tasting, wine tasting wines are 50% off Wednesday night only!


Columbia Valley









Can you believe it's September???!!!

We are starting off wine tasting this month with Powers winery out of the Columbia Valley!

The Powers family has long had a deep affinity for the Columbia Valley and its viticulture. Bill Powers was drawn from his boyhood in Oklahoma to the region's spectacular farm country in the 1950's, and after years of farming multiple crops planted our estate, Badger Mountain Vineyard, in 1982. Throughout Bill's career, he was on the forefront of sustainable farming and innovative winery practices resulting in formal recognition by his peers as a true pioneer of the Washington Wine industry. Though Bill passed away recently, his "winery family" carries on the traditions of responsible farming and the passionate production of exceptional wines.


Powers wines are crafted by long-time winemaker Jose Mendoza to showcase Washington State's diverse microclimates and distinctive vineyards.  Deeply rooted in long term relationships with premium Columbia Valley growers, Powers Winery sources a variety of the highest quality fruit to consistently produce compelling wines of uncommon depth and complexity. Our Reserve selections showcase bottlings from individual vineyard sites and highlight differences between growing regions throughout the State. All Powers wines reflect a devotion, experience and integrity that result in products worthy to carry the family name.


A few new entrees!

Beef Tenderloin alla Siciliana

Tribal Caught Steelhead With grilled Kale

Duck Breast Risotto

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