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January 12, 2018

Wednesday Wine Tastings

January 17, 2018

Remember, with the purchase of wine tasting, wine tasting wines are 50% off Wednesday night only!

Nichole's Fave Italians




Suditrol-Alto Adige


Contini 'Inu

Cannonau Riserva






Hello All!

I hope your New Year is starting off well and life maybe is slowing down a little.

We are getting ready for a busy year here at Bottega.


We are taking the opportunity to say thank you to all of our staff for a 2017 of hard work. So, we will be 

closed Sunday January 14

for our employee Christmas Party

Valentine's Day

February 14

is right around the corner.

The theme this year is definitely Italian, possible Tuscany or Piedmont.

Please Remember, Valentine's Day is a Reservation Only Event.

You may call any time to make  your reservations.  Reservations are only accepted by phone (360) 571-5010 during regular business hours.

The Whole Cow

Continuing on with our utilization of an entire Grass Fed Cow.

This weeks entree is.......

Veal al Ragu

Heart2Heart Farms Veal

Parmesan Risotto Vino Rosso


This dish is one of my favorites.  It really brings together our philosophy of Local organic ingredients, traditionally Italian and some old fashioned imagination!

Upcoming Events

We are working on a wine Dinner in March with Inama. 

You may recognize the wines Bradisismo & Piu Carmenere, both from Veneto and The Binomio from Abruzzo.

I will send on more info as it becomes available.

Happy Hour



Tuesday Night
Wine Special


50% off bottles under $50; $25 off all bottles over $50.

Sunday Hours

Dinner served 4:00-9:00

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